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First Entry

Alex sits down at her computer to type in her journal. It's not actually on-line or anything. She just prefers a Wordfile to a diary.

"Dear Diary,
Things have been fairly nice at school so far. I've met a lot of the other kids already. Everyone's fairly friendly. It's a weird feeling, actually setting out to make friends in a place where you know no one. Everyone I talk to is almost a stranger and yet might well become one of my close friends over the next two years. Then again, they might not. I think I can get to be friends with Lady Kendra, Merry, and Ticklepurr. Lady Khimaris and Kalika are nice to, but I feel a little like a third wheel. I feel that way with most couples. Still, they both said I was hot. That was nice. No one ever said things like that about me at my old school. I was just the brainy kid in the front. Then again, people here do see me as prettier than the kids at my old school did in a very literal sense. Still, it's nice to be complimented, even by people who aren't available and even if I'm not sure I actually like girls. I'm not sure I don't, either. I kind of just want to be with someone. Then again, it kind of scares me. I know most girls my age have had a few boyfriends already but...I don't know. I'll write more later."
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