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Week 21 Saturday Afternoon Open Thread

Alex looks around her room, her door left cracked slightly open. Everything is right where she wants it. She's only used her half of the room, expecting a roommate in time. Still, it looks nice. The decor is that of a noblewoman's chambers more than of a teenager's dorm room. A few nice paintings adorn the walls. None of them could be recognized. Alex doesn't like prints and could hardly afford an original from a well known artist. For the most part, they display good taste. Of course, she does have the modern conveniences: A television, a computer with all the modern accessories and programmed largely by Alex herself, a microwave, and a telephone. Smiling to herself, Alex sticks a Gretchen Wilson CD into her stereo and hits play. As she listens to the music, she plops elegantly onto her bed, slipping off her boots. Leave it to sidhe to make plopping elegant.
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